четверг, 23 сентября 2010 г.

Russian lawlesness in Moscow

This year, the State Duma adopted amendments to the Code of Administrative Offences, increasing fines for traffic violations. In particular, the increased amount of the penalties for driving with tinted not by Guests from 100 to 500 rubles, 23 September 2010 entered into force on Technical Regulations on the Safety of Vehicles and amendments to the Code of the Russian Federation on Administrative Violations of these changes. But the authorities do not comply with the law, and therefore increases the wave of protests against the government itself in all sectors. On par with the movement "strategy 31," also appeared in motion "Strategy 12", "Strategy 13", "Strategy 19" and it points out that civil society in Russia was ripe for the influence on power and that is why the power in the face of President Medvedev in speed mode tries to lobby the "General Law for the police." It does not work apparently because of repression began in tyurmah sit Solopov, Gaskarov, Mokhnatkin, Titov, Alekseev, and many others are convinced that they can be punished for its citizens. But they also are not afraid of becoming a victim of the dictatorship of error is called "democracy" and carry out their lawful duties convicted offenders:

Blue Bucket Brigade will hold a rally Oct. 16 in the afternoon half of the year from the date of formation.


пятница, 18 июня 2010 г.

auto and bike ride 19-06-2010 13:00 Moscow

Tomorrow, June 19 according to the manifesto will be auto and bike ride Society Blue buckets.

The rally will begin at 13-00 Zubov from the boulevard from the inner side near the office of RIA news and will end after the two circles on the Garden Ring. In order not to disturb anyone go to the country, as well as take sick children to hospital, the columns go slowly and carefully in the ranks of the extreme right, including emergency alarm.

Also, tomorrow will be cycling race which starts at 12-30 on Boltnev Square Bike Ride will take place on the battlefields of Fame: Manege Square, the State Duma, Lubyanka street Ilinka (ATS China Town), past the monument to Minin and Pozharsky - to the Kremlin embankment.

According to the manifest of the Society Blue Buckets, which is the main argument of Article 19 of the Constitution of Russia is no priority to the same citizens and representatives of the special caste of power there can not be. This is similar to the postulates of the movement "Strategy 31" which also stands for freedom and has the same right to exist, the same right as all the other movements under the basic law of Russia. Society Blue Buckets offer every 19 days every month to declare a "day of the blue bucket" and attach the bucket to protest, even to the point while giving illegal special signals unjustified priority directions will not be as much need for special and emergency transport - transport police, ambulance and service fighting fires.

Blue Buckets Brigade feared reprisals in his address on June 19 by inadequate government does not have a sense of humor in presenting their resistance to lawlessness as a humorous parody of the attributes of gang power but is not afraid of persecution advise all those who supported the protest act of cultural and respectful to the representatives of the traffic police With many members of special services are often sympathetic to the ordinary citizens of their country hiding and doing criminal orders from a desperate situation at times even turning a "blind eye" to the actions of members of the Society's Blue buckets.

Activists promise to give everyone who joined the blue buckets on a magnet mount.

вторник, 1 июня 2010 г.

Totalitarianism and atrocities on Triumph Square in Moscow

Yesterday, May 31, young people movement "Young Russia", "Young Guard"
staged a concert at the place where the opposition decided to hold a
lawful protest pursuant to Article 31 the Constitution of Russia. All
the protesters were brutally dispersed, except that affected people
who had no relationship to action. people were beaten, dragged on the
asphalt, used tear gas against them, arranging a crush that no one is
left without receiving aggression in his address. Detain all and the
media including many people injured, have been detained and retirees,
young people and ordinary working people. Ordinary people have become
hostages of Putin's ambitions of power.

Just returned from ATS "Meshanskoe." They all let go, but have
illegally detained fingerprinted without charge. All the detainees
were held for more than 3 hours. All the records of the Administrative
Code 19.3 20.2 Administrative Code compiled with disabilities, because
the detention 02.19 - 10.19 there are pictures and videos of different
so that there is a protocol 19-50-20-30. In ATS "Basmannoe" detainees
were beaten. All the ATS have been due more, because most of the
detainees injury. They took everybody, including the press, and even
overseas, took away those who just walked in the subway. Several of
the accused threatened detention for more than 48 hours, while forcing
write a receipt on the phenomenon of the court, refused to sign the
protocols illegal threats. Manage your own safety, the calls about
illegal detentions and violence against people said that there is a
certain order and if the calls continue for some detainees will be
submitted to the ATS for a few more days. Moreover, the leadership of
police department arranged a crush near metro "Mayakovskaya", forcing
people returning from work to go through the ranks of riot police as
yet been applied gas "Cheremukha" for ousting the support, which
consisted mostly of retirees, women and minors. In addition, the staff
member records of their arrests were for non-existent people what is
the evidence. Of course human rights defenders and lawyers in the
department were not allowed justifying this order from above not
posing, blocking entrances and exits for all ATS. The organizers
donated shares are not ashamed of use for its own needs and military
equipment from which rodklyuchili their speakers and amplifiers. Also
invited and provocateurs - adorned with young people it is similar to
gay T-shirt which was a symbol 31. No one "putinist" naturally not
suffered a minor cattle stood by the administrative resource will be
revoked and the student's record-book assessments received at a rally
in support of the course the ruling party, calmly walked to the bus
and metro in the corridor of riot police, who initially beating
several women and senior citizens pushed the people who walked from
work.Most of the detainees will write statements in the prosecutor's
office demanding to institute criminal proceedings under Articles 301,
286, 116 for persons to have ordered violent method to stop a
gathering of people marching in the underground and illegally detained
civilians after beating around the metro. The names of possible
perpetrators will publish tomorrow as well as scans of illegal
protocols. Photos and videos are now in process will be applied to
witnesses, the statements to the prosecutor.Total: 160 detainees from
the 1200 gathering, squash, cherry, treatment with ordinary people
like cattle, ignoring human rights, threats to detainees, beatings.
Was also detained a pregnant woman. Violated every rule of law with a
transition in a criminal.Most of the crew early in fear of persecution
was not allowed to record the beating and they left without seeing
anything of substance. With that understood in the inspection of
delivered and protocols were themselves policemen. The crowd went
operatives who ordered whom to take and who not. In their trouble, I
photographed them at the iPhone and then run away from them in the
yards, because once they catch me could not because I jumped over the
fence fence and hid in the crowd after the unscrewing shirt inside
out. I also removed those who gave orders to beat people who were not
involved in rallies, the car from which the tear gas was distributed
around the store "Little Potato," 5-6 tanks and sprayed riot
policemen on the orders of his leadership. If such events occur
naturally about any democracy there can be no speech. Totalitarian and
lying fascist Putin's caste system on feet of clay. The rising
fascists use for their own needs army. Yellow Bus - a mobile
connection, special item, together with the generator of active noise
and amplifier.

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